The Great Western Hotel is known for a lot of reasons… the “Steak Western..” its location, right on the Western Highway and it’s super friendly hospitality. It’s becoming even more renown for its unique approach to their wine list.  Every single winery in the Grampians Region is listed and all for $35 a bottle or $10 a glass.

Great Western Hotel

In the latest release, they welcome Rory Lane’s “The Story” wines. Although located in the outer southern suburbs of Melbourne, the grapes are sourced from the Grampians region. Each vintage there is a new story to tell and the labels change to reflect that story.  

The Great Western Hotel has two sensational red wines from Story Wines

2017 Grampians Grenache

The first crop from vines planted just south of Great Western.  2017 was a cool year returning to old long term averages and the young vines got plenty of ripeness even then, while retaining pepper, spice and amazing delicate perfume.  Winemaking was simple - all destemmed and a three week fermentation on skins then matured in an old oak cate. Only 100 dozen produced.

2015 Grampians Shiraz

This release is a worthy follow up on the spectacular 2014 vintage, although has come through a fraction more perfumed.  Like all previous 12 vintages, it’s wild yeast fermented, firm tannin with  great structure to age from many years. Halliday 94 points.