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Seppelt Wines Flashback

The Seppelt Great Western winery was founded in 1865 by Joseph Best, when he commissioned miners to tunnel underground cellars, known as the “Drives”   In 1888, following Joseph Best’s passing, Ballarat businessman Hans Irvine purchased Great Western. In 1890, Irvine hired Frenchman Charles Pierlot to produce the first methode

Great Western - A Wine Village with 23 Hotels

From very early gold mining days, the little village of Great Western has had an extensive association with hotels and wineries. Even though Great Western is known as the wine village, evidence exists in the newspapers that date as far back as 1868, that 23 hotels have existed in Great

Did you know that Great Western almost lost its name?

The amazing volunteers at the Stawell Historical Society have stumbled across a very interesting article, dated the 7th July 1904 that was published in the Stawell News. This amazing piece of history explain that Great Western may have been renamed to 'Irvine"Mr. Hans Irvine first arrived in Great Western

Seppelt Underground Cellars

Beneath the surface of Seppelt Wines in Great Western is over 3km of hand dug cellars that are between 6 - 8 metres in depth. Underground, behind this locked gate is the McKenzie Museum, that was named after one of Seppelt Wines past winemakers, Ian McKenzie. Some of the wines