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The latest news of what's happening in Great Western, Victoria. The food and wine village of the Grampians.

10 tips on how to Start your Wine Collection

1. Not all wines will cellar for a long time.  Many wines are produced as ‘drink now’.  We suggest you read the label and the winemakers tasting notes and look for their cellaring suggestions.  You will often see phrases like, ‘drink now or cellar for up to 5 years’ 2.

Every wine has a Story....

The Great Western Hotel is known for a lot of reasons… the “Steak Western..” its location, right on the Western Highway and it’s super friendly hospitality. It’s becoming even more renown for its unique approach to their wine list.  Every single winery in the Grampians Region is listed

Great Western Hotel will shine even brighter

There were some big toys at the Great Western Hotel on Tuesday, just to replace the “Carlton Draught” sign on the roof that was recently damaged in bad weather.“There weren’t too many options. Being on the main Adelaide - Melbourne highway, we just can’t stop the traffic

5 stars for SubRosa

Each year in the middle of winter, we see the release of the annual wine lovers bible - The Halliday Wine Companion - it’s the holy grail when it comes to wine reviews. Many Australian wine labels are well known and awarded;   it’s the smaller boutique wineries that

Employment Opportunities in Great Western

Great things are happening in Great Western… business growth that has brought with it many employment opportunities. Great Western Enterprises has Salingers Cafe, Great Western Hotel and management of Seppelt Wines all in Great Western.   Working within the growth mantra #destinationgreatwestern, we strive to provide the best                tourism, food, wine

Things are buzzing at Salingers Cafe

There is always a hive of activity at Salingers Cafe in Great Western, especially in their Bee-hive ! Safe, behind perspex, you can watch the busy bees bringing pollen into the hive to make their honey.  These bees are very lucky to have one of Australia's most renown Apiarist, Peter Kaczynski

The Ultimate Christmas favourite

With the countdown on to Christmas, Great Western;  the wine and food village of the Grampians,  has a collection of wines that you and your family will LOVE this festive season.  The ultimate Christmas favourite, Seppelt Original Sparkling Shiraz is a 'must have' to every Christmas table. Sparkling Shiraz was