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ATR Wines

By combining global winemaking experience with a regional flavour, ATR is bringing a bold and pioneering winemaking approach to the cool-climate Grampians. Breaking the mould with cutting edge blends from alternate varieties and a modern approach to traditional varieties, ATR’s wines are a contemporary reflection of their place in

Best's Wines

Founded in 1866 in the Great Western wine region of Victoria, Best's Great Western is one of Australia's oldest continually family owned and operated wineries. Best's is known to have some of the oldest vines in Australia and produces extraordinary wines with great longevity. Throughout the history of the winery,

Discover Black & Ginger

They have a little secret in Great Western…. The exclusive little Shiraz from just out the road  - 2016 Black & Ginger Sugarloaf Road Shiraz… Why Black & Ginger ???It’s a juxtaposition..Of the city and the country…Of the old and the new….Of the ragged and the