A little bit of “Bee-Keeping” happened in the Salinger hives today, getting those busy bees sorted for another season.

Ararat Apiarist, Peter Kaczynski doing some "Bee-Keeping" in the Salinger hive 

The Salinger Hives are very popular with our visitors, who can watch the busy bees safely behind Perspex as they look after their Queen and make honey.
These bees are very lucky to have one of Australia's most renown Apiarist, Peter Kaczynski from Ararat looking after them.

In today’s visit, he extracted a little honey, cleaned the hive and step the bees up for the next season.

Chef Katie Leeke with some fresh honeycomb 

Did you know that Bees are hardwired to do certain jobs? Scout bees search for new sources of food is wired for this adventure. Soldier bees work as security guards their entire life and then about one-per cent of middle-aged bees become undertakers, a genetic brain pattern compels them to remove dead bees from the hive. They really are the most fascinating insect. Did you also know that they collect pollen close to their hive, but also far enough away that predators can’t find the hive?

Salingers Cafe is located in Great Western, which is the wine and food village of the Grampians.  Located towards the back of the store, you can check out these bees while enjoying a coffee and cake, 7 days a week.