Each year food and wine lovers flock to Melbourne in their thousands to immerse themselves in the states gastronomic playground of fresh produce, innovative chefs, award winning restaurants and some of the best wine produced in the world.  For the first time ever, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival will be coming Seppelt Wines in Great Western for an experience like no other for the Great Western Underground Longest Lunch in Seppelt Wines underground cellars. “We are ecstatic to be able to showcase the Grampians region's best food and wines in such an unique location” said Danial Ahchow, Managing Director of Great Western Enterprises, whom are hosting the event.“It will be a feast of Grampians local produce, paired brilliantly with Seppelt award-winning wines”  said Mr Ahchow. “The underground cellars are like a hidden gem. There are a few who have dined underground dining at Seppelt, and I am sure it is an experience they continue to share for years.   We are told stories about the celebrations of years gone by underground in the cellars. Hans Irvine, who owned the winery at the turn of last century was a very well connected aristocrat who brought the likes of Dame Nellie Melba and  Mark Twain to Great Western. “

Seppelt Wines underground dining

The heritage-listed underground cellars were first hand-dug by gold miners in 1865 and known to be the longest in the southern hemisphere. There is over 3km of hand dug drives. “It will be an event that our guests will talk about for a long time, You simply can not experience anything else like it in Australia. We can’t wait.” Renowned Grampians Chef, Katie Leeke will be working with her team to plate up some of the Grampians finest produce.  Chef Katie is well known to local gastronoms. She has worked in some amazing venues all over the world including II Solito Posto, Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in London,  working across Canada and has spent time in Spain working has a private Chef on private Super yachts. “I have always had a passion for food. My earliest memories is of amazing food was my Grandmothers baking. She would whip up amazing batches of fresh scones with jam and cream.”  said Chef Katie Leeke. “Here in Great Western we are surrounded by some of the most amazing food and wine. I have worked all over the world,  the the Grampians region is where I keep coming back to. “ “My father owns Kimbarra Wines and I have learnt a lot from him and my wine loving family. I am very excited to be able to pull the best of the Grampians Produce and the wines together for this event with my team.” The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival first started in 1993 and it is the first time it will be showcased at Seppelt Wines in Great Western.  It is this years “must-do” event in the Grampians. Tickets are seriously limited. To secure yours, please click here.