Winter time is quite time in vineyards. The leaves and fruit are all gone and the vines are dormant, waiting for spring.   Mountainside Wines, a family owned and operated vineyard, is still looking postcard perfect in winter, situated at the base of Mount Cole at the south eastern end of the Grampians wine region.  The little boutique vineyard,  produce premium wines from vineyards that are hand tended and hand-picked. Like all Grampians Wines, the fruit has a lot of 'vine time' with the regions warm days and cool nights.  Mountainside Wines have quite unique soil of granite loam over red clay allowing the flavours of Shiraz to shine in the wine.  The property itself has been growing grapes and making wine since 1998 with just under seven acres of Shiraz vines, two and one-half acres of Viognier vines, and one acre of Nebbiolo vines.  The winery only produces around 1000 cases  a year. The Great Western Hotel ( has some of the  Mountianside vintages available - $10 a glass $35 a bottle. 2013 Shiraz - has a bouquet of black pepper with berry overtones and is followed by flavours of blackberries, spice and black pepper with hints of clove and nutmeg. It has firm tannins and a long clean finish. This is a wine deserving of being decanted before drinking to allow the aroma and flavours to fully develop.2015 Nebbiolo has integrated French oak which has produced a finely structured wine which is light ruby in colour and displays fresh cherry and raspberry aromas and flavours.  The wine has a long clean finish and we recommend decanting before drinking.